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By Kevin Styles

i-Junky Has Moved!!!

Friday, June 17, 2005
i-Junky Has MOVED!

New location: http://ijunky.blogsome.com Please update your links! And come take a look at the new i-Junky now under the Wordpress system.


"The Simpsons" Movie

Sunday, June 12, 2005
It seems everyone's favourite yellowed family The Simpsons are moving to the big screen, according to Nancy Cartwright (the voice for Bart) has spilled the beans on this.

Nancy Cartwright did a one-woman show entitled "My Life as a Ten Year Old Boy" in London last week. Plans for a feature length cartoon were unveiled at the Cannes film festival in mid-May, and Nancy told The BBC things were going underway.

"You know what? We've just done the table read for the Simpsons movie so although we've been promoting that we're going to do it, now we're actually doing it and are in production.

I'm sure it won't take any less than a couple of years. I don't know the name of it and I can't go into details about it and we'll just have to see how it goes, but I think it's going to be great and the fans are going to dig it" said the voice actress.

Also "The Simpsons" will begin its seventeenth season on the air later this year.

Retarded humour gets sales going

Friday, June 03, 2005
Chappelle's Show - Second Season Sets Speed Records!

The Chappelles Show apparently is the fastest selling DVD's for a TV show currently, according to this source

Now I personally enjoy the show just here and there, not much of a die-hard enthusiastic fan like the sales records suggests of up to 1.2million copies were sold on the initial release of this DVD on May 24th!

Although much of the sales could have been due to a delay in broadcast of Season 3, quite good marketing even if it wasn't intentional.

Season 2 finale for The O.C.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005
Before you read the following, must warn you it's a complete spoiler to the season finale of The O.C. season two. For Australian viewers this will be a concern, for elsewhere it wouldn't matter, also I guess from some Australians it wouldn't matter either, as it seems like everyone downloads their episode fix these days anyway.

The O.C. 2x24 - The Dearly Beloved

Sandy checks out an alcohol treatment center before Caleb's funeral. Seth finds the brochure for the treatment center in Sandy's desk while looking for a cell phone charger. Seth assumes it's for his dad but Ryan's pretty sure it's not.

At the treatment center, Sandy explains to the doctor that in the last few months Kirsten's gone from wine to vodka, gotten into a car wreck, and now, with the death of her father, who knows? Sandy informs the doctor that Kirsten's not going to check in voluntarily and the doctor informs Sandy that very few of their patients do.

Jimmy arrives at the Nichol mansion and it's hard to tell who's more excited to see him -- Marissa or Julie.

Hailey arrives at the Cohen home and the two sisters share their mutual guilt about how they treated their father.

Trey comes home to find Jess waiting on his doorstep. She offers him an opportunity to make some easy money. She got a call from some kids who supply all of Garden Grove. All Trey has to do is be prepared to point a gun and look like he means it. Can he do that? Apparently he can.

Meanwhile, at the funeral, Kirsten is taking the eulogies to her father harder than the rest.

Afterwards, the crowd gathers at the Cohen home for the post-funeral reception. In the kitchen, Kirsten trades in her wine for vodka. Sandy suggests she pace herself and she suggests Sandy lay off the “Kirsten drink-count” for a while. Julie offers to take over Kirsten-watch for a while.

Summer, who has personal experience with her step-mother's drinking, offers Kirsten a plate of food, but Kirsten doesn't appear to appreciate the gesture. Sandy approaches Summer and suggests she and the gang get out of the house for a while.

In the pool house, Summer suggests they go to The Bait Shop. Marissa's worried about running into Trey but Ryan assures her he's working the day shift.

The gang arrives at The Bait Shop and runs smack into Trey, who claims to be there picking up his paycheck. Jess grabs Trey's hand and leads him upstairs. Ryan watches as a small group of tough-looking guys follow Trey and Jess.

Back at the Cohen's, Kirsten has traded in her vodka glass for the entire bottle. Sandy tries to convince her to call it a night but Kirsten claims to be fine. When Sandy attempts to guide her back into the house, she yells at him to get his hands off her, meanwhile dropping the bottle which shatters on the ground.

Upstairs at The Bait Shop, Jess's customers are testing out the goods. Jess hands them a variety pack but apparently they don't have enough cash to cover the coke. Instead, they suggest a payment plan – they’ll plan to pay her when they feel like it. But apparently they've underestimated the "Newport Bi-itch," as they refer to her, who grabs the gun away from Trey and starts firing at them. Chaos erupts and our gang gets caught in the crossfire. Marissa appears to be bleeding, but it turns out just to be a cut.

Jimmy stops by the mansion with Julie's favorite breakfast food -- powdered donuts from 7-11 -- and suggests that he, Julie and Marissa sail out to Catalina. Julie reminds Jimmy that Marissa doesn’t wake before dusk so Jimmy suggests they make it a twosome. Julie accepts.

Back at the Cohen’s, Seth and Sandy have a heart-to-heart about Kirsten's drinking. Seth tries to make excuses for his mom but Sandy points out that her accident was caused by driving under the influence long before Caleb’s death. Seth thinks there must be another way besides shipping her off but Sandy assures him there’s not. Sandy tells Seth that a doctor will be coming later in the afternoon to help them stage an intervention. Seth tells his dad to count him out. Ryan, on the other hand, speaking from experience, reassures Sandy that he's doing the right thing.

Summer stops by Marissa's room and invites her out for pancakes on the pier. Marissa accepts and Summer tells her they'll go just as soon as Marissa explains the weird bruise on her neck, the bad excuse, and the weird tension with Trey. Summer begs Marissa to tell her the truth but all Marissa can do is cry.

Kirsten and Hailey arrive home from the spa and Sandy introduces Kirsten to the doctor. The doctor explains that her family believes she has an addiction to alcohol and they're worried about her wellbeing. First Sandy and Hailey express their concerns, then Ryan, who explains that his own mother couldn't take care of him because she wouldn't get the help she needed. Kirsten thinks they’re all blowing things out of proportion... until Seth shows up and implores her to go.

Kirsten says goodbye to Seth and Ryan. She apologizes and tells them both how much she loves them.

Jess stops by Trey’s place and sees him packing. She makes him another offer he can’t refuse – this one involves a stack of money, her step-dad’s Beemer, and a trip to Vegas with her.

Ryan and Seth are relaxing in the pool when Summer stops by and asks to talk to Seth alone. She tells Seth that when he and Ryan were in Miami, Trey forced himself on Marissa.

Sandy and Kirsten arrive at the treatment center and check out the new digs. Kirsten apologizes to Sandy for all the hurtful things she said. Then it’s time for Kirsten to go to a newcomers meeting. The nurse informs them that they won’t be able to speak again for 72 hours while Kirsten’s going through detox.

Seth stops by the pool house with something to say, but before he does, he makes Ryan promise not to revert to the old-school Atwood ways. Then Seth tells Ryan what really happened between Trey and Marissa. Marissa fought Trey off so nothing actually happened but that’s how Trey got the cut on his head. Ryan tells Seth that all year he’s tried to be a different person, but he can’t do it anymore. He’s going to settle this with Trey once and for all.

Back at the mansion, Jimmy and Julie announce to Marissa that they’re going to give the Cooper family one more shot. Hugs all around. Marissa’s genuinely happy. But then a phone call from Seth interrupts the family moment with the news that Ryan’s on his way over to Trey’s. And he knows what really happened between them. Marissa takes off.

At Trey’s place, Ryan starts pushing him around when Trey suddenly grabs a gun and aims it at him. Ryan knocks the gun out of Trey’s hand and starts beating the crap out of him. Trey fights back. Marissa arrives and sees Trey’s hands around Ryan’s neck. She tries to break it up but Trey continues squeezing the life out of Ryan. Just as Trey’s about to hit Ryan over the head with a telephone, Marissa picks up the gun and shoots Trey in the back He stands stunned, blood quickly running from his body, and falls to the ground. Seth and Summer arrive in time to witness the tragic scene.

Synopsis From Fox.com/OC

Even though this season started off rather on a boring side, it did manage to get better as a couple more early episodes for this season rolled on - because I was beginning to worry I might have put my hopes up waiting and anticipating to see just how well Ryan adapts back in his home town, but we all know Ryan could never leave Orange County... right... of course.

Now from watching the first episode for season 2, we see Ryan deciding to move back in with the Cohen's (Seth making a family come-back sort of thing too...) only because Tarissa lied to Ryan about a miscarriage - by this moment I already figured sometime later deep into the season we would see her make a come back with the baby (it was a dead give away this one).

Another thing that worries me, but not so much is that the death of Caleb, which no one saw coming for certain - I mean Caleb was the pioneer guy of the show the oldest guy there, if he goes there's not going to be anymore powerful greedy old man themes playing in the next season which draws me to wonder is there even going to be a next season? Because the finale left me quite dissappointed, it was like an ending which could go both ways.

After Marissa shoots Trey, we still see him struggling to reach for a telephone which just so happens to be in his hand because he was using it as a weapon, now we all know this was Logan Marshall's (Trey Atwood) last appearance on the O.C. which suggests there will be no more Trey for next season - but then again Logan Marshall only played Trey in this season, when if you recall in Thanksgiving episode in season 1 Trey was played by someone else (which doesn't come to mind right now). So we could see some other actor play Trey Atwood next season, but that would just be silly now, changing actors once is enough already.

So that draws out that possibility of Trey being alive... I hope, and you'll be left with the only possible outcome of the last scene in this episode "The Dearly Beloved" - Trey is gone, would viewers really be on the edge of their seats to find that out next season? I know I'm not. Sadly I'm just really dissappointed in the finale, having that said though I still very muched enjoyed the O.C nevertheless so far eversince from the pilot episode so no doubt I'll be watching when season 3 comes out, but won't be expecting as much as I did for season 2.

I got lost!

Sunday, May 15, 2005
I've just managed to get my hands on the episodes of Channel 7's Lost on two DVD's episodes 1 - 20 so far, maybe there are more on the net, but haven't checked yet. This is good though, saves me the trouble of downloading, and conserve my downloads - - although Optus does have the off-peak 24GB thing happening each month, but still, it saves my downloads and that's all that matters.

To be honest though I didn't really understand what the fuss was all about for that show, I hardly ever watchTV, but The O.C. was a different story when it started showing, some reason I got really into it, I was captivated by it (ok maybe not.. but it was damn good) then I did the next obvious thing everyone else would have done - - went on the net and download the rest of the bloody season, because one thing's for sure, Australian TV is not the best source for the latest uptodate episodes on series and sitcoms.

I could write a whole blog entry on The O.C. but instead I'll leave that to another time, by the way just a quick note episode 21 and 22 season 2 for The O.C. is really good! Ok ok back to "Lost" ...a quick view of it on channel 7 I was like eh... it's ok, but the thought of a bunch of people trapped on an island, seems to bring down the interesting factor quite low I assumed after watching 15 or so episodes of being trapped on an island, sounds boring doesn't it?

But now that I've actually sat down and started to watch from the Pilot episode (excuse the pun) and worked my way through to episode 4, it's getting quite interesting, who would've thought that many people would have survived a plane crash, I certainly wouldn't have thoughtso, but they make it seem so believable. No doubt I'd be watching the rest of the other 15 or so episodes and waiting for the next one off the net, as I do patiently so for The O.C.